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The COOP Concept Becomes Fiscally Sponsored

We are a fiscally sponsored organization within the framework of Good Work Institute, they hold our 501(c)3 status for us. I have worked with youth in the Kingston, NY area for over 10 years. Several years ago our founder, Tina Dierna volunteered to build a tiny home with five students who were not on track to graduate. It was a proud mom (or School Social Worker) moment to see them all succeed that summer and for years to follow. Then the pandemic hit! So here we are, 2023, and for the last three years I have been building to this moment, a summer program that teaches building, agricultural and entrepreneurship skills to youth.

WHO WE ARE A vocational enrichment program for youth that creatively forms relationships and strengthens community involvement. VISION We envision a world where the community stewards youth, land and our social impact. MISSION & Building Principles Our mission is to empower Hudson Valley youth through immersive employment opportunities in sustainable agriculture, green building, and entrepreneurship.

  • We support the uniqueness, wholeness, and dignity of each person. We strive to respond to the individual needs and preferences of each youth we support and serve.

  • We enthusiastically advocate for the rights of marginalized youth so they may fully participate in and contribute to community life. This includes enjoying a secure home, education, public services, and work they find meaningful.

  • We view all human life as having equal and unconditional value. Each life should be nurtured, respected, celebrated, and fulfilled.

  • We support the life-long process of personal growth and development of all youth.

  • We will take every opportunity to offer education to others and advocate for basic civil rights.

  • We emphasize inclusiveness between our members and throughout our community efforts.

To make a tax write off donation, click here!

See you soon,

Tina + Emily

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