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PROJECT 04: Work Based Learning & Entrepreneurship

Recent research, policy literature, and federal legislation indicate comprehensive Work Based Learning (WBL) programs contain three key components: the alignment of classroom and workplace learning, application of academic, technical, and employability skills in a work setting, and support from classroom or workplace mentors.  The goals of WBL activities is to achieve workforce readiness.


At The COOP Concept we believe the involvement between employer and youth needs to come from a foundation of nurturing, accepting and empowering.  We take time to create mindful WBL activities that build trust, acceptance and vulnerability.   We have cultivated special relationships with local change makers throughout our community. We nurture other types of WBL opportunities such as career shadowing, cooperative education experiences, internships, and apprenticeships throughout the community.   This ensures that the WBL framework aligns with state and local labor market needs.  The COOP Concept actively seeks employer input to evaluate youth success and to guide future programming.  


We have created an Entrepreneurship Education Program that helps young people discover their passion and skills to empower innovative ideas.  An entrepreneurial mindset promotes optimism, resiliency, resourcefulness and problem solving capabilities. This increases confidence and personal empowerment while working towards self-driven goals and company ownership. 

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