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We are open to supplementing our staff and event crews with supportive community members. Opportunities to contribute range from volunteering,  donating money, collaborating, and independent contracting.  


To learn more, send us a message so we can talk more.

Thank you!

When we are asked why we should care about what happens in Kingston, we think about the youth. We often find that youth start working and they struggle with reading, relating school work to life, envisioning a dream and creating a passionate future for themselves.  Without an education that was relatable to the real world, it was difficult to see themselves represented. The work we do in our community is so important and we strive to teach in a way that will create social impact, uplift those around us and give deep meaning within our conversations.  Students will demonstrate increased school attendance, mental clarity, and passion for selves and others. We want our youth to come back season after season to work with The COOP Concept, to become mentors and leaders within Kingston.  

-Tina Dierna, Founder

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