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PROJECT 01: Construction & Sustainable Living

Our projects emerge out of the necessity to address the crises of inadequate workforce readiness, lack of affordable housing, the increasing socioeconomic disparity, and climate change. Our projects seek to impact BIPOC youth, LGBTQIA+ and those with disabilities, as they are disproportionately marginalized by these issues.

In an attempt to address these four crises, we created a training program that will help youth learn skills to build woodworking projects for our  programming, from our urban garden, the workshop we use, the tables we eat from and other small structures. These meaningful hands-on projects will help build self-confidence, offer valuable life skills, and can prepare individuals to satisfy the growing demand for trade workers in America. In addition, the larger projects will produce affordable housing for young adults 18-24, creating a living space where young people can succeed in Kingston, New York. 

These experiences empower youth to build with their hands, which may have never been an opportunity for them before. The scale of projects allow them to participate in several stages of construction and see significant rewards in a short period of time. Programming also incorporates information on how to minimize impact on our planet by learning to live with less. 

We target our recruitment efforts on gifted, low income young people coping with trauma, having difficulty at school, or underrepresentation, which often lead to stereotyping or rejection by society.

Here are our other projects:

Foreman Overlooking Bridge Construction
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