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Emily Seawall, she/her

Emily Seawall
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Emily relocated from Huntington (Long Island) to Ulster County in high school. She worked at Belleayre mountain, managed farmer’s markets for Bread Alone, participated in athletics, and graduated in 2001. Emily graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh, where she earned her Bachelor’s in Marketing, with minors in Finance and Accounting, while competing as a member of the Cardinals softball team, and acting as a captain for two years. Although grateful for her internship at the Times Union newspaper through the Chamber of Commerce, Emily recognized that, rather than an office job, she would be better suited to work with her hands. Upon graduation, she moved to Colorado, and eventually made her way back to the Hudson Valley, via Newport, Rhode Island, Nantucket, Massachusetts, and New York City.


Emily was regularly involved with volunteering at the Unitarian Universalist meeting house and Nantucket Food Pantry, for farm and food distribution projects. She advocated and assisted with legalizing tiny homes in Nantucket; and after her significant investment of time and money, lived in her own tiny home for a year. If not for the trials and tribulations encountered and overcome while building her home, she may have chosen a path other than carpentry. She also holds certificates from Yestermorrow Design and Build School in Sustainable Treehouse Design & Construction and Foundation Fundamentals. Her affinity for puzzles, problem solving, and working with people are all critical components to her success. She honed her skills predominantly through high end renovations in Nantucket and New York City.


The pandemic accelerated Emily’s return to the Hudson Valley where she has been operating as a contractor, earned her home inspection license, and aspires to launch her custom furniture business. Emily has always had a passion for projects that level the playing field, particularly by reducing food and housing scarcity and by creating learning opportunities.

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