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One Minute Can Change The World!

This takes 1 minute and may change the lives of many!

All you need to do is click the link below, answer the question of the day (get it all wrong 😑 if you're like me). Then click the view charities button and find your yea to the Education Category and vote for The COOP Concept. We are starting to get funding for our summer youth program and we are super excited to see our hatchlings (AKA the youth) become chickadees in the community!

So many people ask us how we got our name. The inspiration came from Tina's grandparents who settled here from Italy. She spent weekends on their farm hearing stories about their lives in Italy. Tina is pretty unique, she has to have 100 projects going at a time, kinda like her grandparents! She grew up visiting the chickens and has been raising them since her daughter was born... for 10+ years! With her desire to help her community, love for chickens and the play of words for young people flying there coops and finding their nests... The COOP Concept was born. It felt like the perfect name for a female owned organization. Tina and Emily are kinda the coolest mother hens out there!

So keep voting HERE for us everyday and help us get closer to being awarded $2500!

Feel free to share this with anyone you know!

🌱 Tina + Emily 🌱

The COOP Founders


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