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Gardening Programs Impact Teen Lives

Gardening can help lots of people. It has so many benefits, from learning more about the food that people grow, to teaching problem solving skills. "One of the program’s key components is teaching practical life skills including carpentry, composting, and leadership." Take a look at how other programs within New York are also achieving these goals. These skills allow children to grow into competent adults who are capable of making sound decisions, and not just in gardening.

Learning about the world as a teen can be scary, but it's necessary to be aware of what goes on in the world. There are many facets of gardening that can spark teens' interest. For example, teens could be motivated by the ecology of it, and the hard work. The physical aspect of gardening cannot be overstated. Doing labor in the hot sun will most likely make one sweat, but seeing the results of one's hard work is satisfying.

The mental health aspects of gardening can help with teens' development as well. They connect with nature, learn new skills, and they have social interaction if they garden in a group. Just like when the kids helped make picnic tables and garden beds for Chambers Elementary School, they worked together to solve their problems. Problem-solving skills are another part of gardening that helps teens to grow. Gardening is a multi-faceted affair, and it can provide teens with lots of enrichment. Responsibility is another big life skill that gardening can teach teens.

The satisfaction of cooking one's own produce is immense. It is to say, "Wow, I did that!" If one starts a garden, then that is possible. Teens can feel accomplished and capable. Self-confidence is also another important feeling that will come as teens start to garden. All of these skills and feelings that gardening can bolster are crucial to teens' development. While gardening cannot fix everything that might go wrong in a teen's life, they can lean on it as a source of happiness and comfort in trying times.

Lastly, teens might want to get into a career focused on the environment and agriculture if they start gardening. Passion is what is needed to see any project through, and that includes gardening. A teen's passion can take them far, and if one nurtures that passion, it can take them on a new life path. In the end, gardening can help teens do and be so much more. Gardening may not be a cure-all, but it can help teens be more confident in their abilities and how they live and interact with the world.

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