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Exploring Career Paths: Field Trips as a Gateway to Industry Insights

Youth have an array of different careers they can choose from. From being a freelance artist, to a construction worker, to someone who is in banking, the options are endless. Multiple options exist for youth to create their future. For example, Rob came to Chambers Elementary School to teach kids about AR technology. Aurora says, "AR, meaning augmented reality, is something the staff of the COOP Concept was able to experience with Rob. AR morphs the real world with the virtual world by adding virtual pictures or characters, or both, through a phone’s camera or video viewer." This specialized technology allows one to better see how a project works through placing virtual objects onto the real world. This is an exciting new technology that is sure to interest kids who are technically-inclined.

Another potential career path is environmental science. A person named Courtney came to see the kids at The Coop Concept, and she taught them all about the importance of the environment. Specifically, she taught them about soil, and how different soils have different pH levels. Ivana says, "Courtney talked to us about the soil food web, and soil horizon (OAEBCR), what worms or other animals are bad for the soil." The environment is important, because it's where we live. How people live affects the environment as well. Kids who are interested in protecting or conservation of the Earth should be well-informed for when they make their decisions about their future.

Money and banking is another option for kids who want to become financially literate. Financial literacy is extremely important, as it dictates how one should most effectively and efficiently manage one's money. A person named Kristen came to greet the kids at The Coop Concept and talk about financial literacy with them. Siobhan says, "She told us about the different account types, credit scores and how to get them up, the 50-30-20 rule and many other things. She told us about the difference in teen checking accounts, certificate accounts, and regular checking accounts." Money is important, as it dictates what kind of life one wants to live. If one wants to live lavishly, then one must work hard and earn their money and save it. One must practice good spending habits and not splurge on large purchases. Financial literacy can pay off later in life, (pun intended!) for a multitude of reasons. It helps one to become good at organization, as well as numbers. All of these career paths can lead to success, and with the right amount of dedication and determination they will.

In the end, youth have many options for success, one just has to encourage them. The insight into these varied careers will help them be well-informed in making the right decision for their life. Who and what they want to be is up to them.

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