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Experiential Education Projects

Over the past five years, Tina Dierna has led programming and Experiential Education projects for organizations looking to partner with the Kingston City School District (KCSD) in Kingston, New York, which began with youth at Kingston High School and expanded in 2018 to include activities for youth looking for a pathway to a regents diploma, making work-based learning a pivotal opportunity for Kingston Youth.

Since the pandemic, Tina’s work has become hyper focused on the current youth she serves at KCSD, but also those who are recent graduates and with her long lasting relationships with organizations and business leaders in the community and during the 2022 fiscal year, The COOP Concept was created and is fiscally sponsored by the Good Work Institute, Kingston, New York (a local 501(c)3).

We plan to expand the past and current work that Tina does through a pilot project where a group of six-ten youth will participate in a paid experiential vocational enrichment program to focus on:

With the completion of this first year pilot, The COOP Concept will work with community partners and stakeholders with the focus on youth! As more funding becomes available, The COOP Concept will expand each tier of the work-based learning model to introduce youth to additional opportunities in the local economy.

To sponsor a youth for a tax write off donation, please click here!

See you soon,

Tina + Emily

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