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Environmental Consciousness

Environmental Consciousness

Environmental awareness is the concept of how humanity impacts the world we live in. It is being conscientious of how we use the planet's resources. The planet is being weathered by climate change, as well as depleting natural resources. The planet's resources should be conserved, and everyone should play a part.

Siobhan Burch, Program volunteer

The tree Siobhan, one of our participants is hanging from represents natures way of change and new beginnings. This tree needed to be removed, and our youth did just that. While some of the tree was thrown into a brush pile, other parts of it remain in the garden as a part of art and we found a way to reduce, reuse and recycle it. Tina took some of the branches home and made earrings out of it to sell at our houseplant sale and started collecting sticks from her own yard to create jewelry!

Earth itself is a marvel. The fact that we live on it, and the fact that it is perfectly engineered to support and sustain life is nothing short of amazing. It is imperative that people learn the value of Earth's resources and the environment. Siobhan says, "The Buy Nothing group is a group where you can post things that you no longer want or need, so someone else can have it, but it’s free! Members of the Buy Nothing group decided to donate plants, seeds, and other things we may need to the Coop Concept." Buy Nothing groups are an important tool to build community, and a useful way to save money.

Some of our plants from the Buy Nothing Kingston/Rosendale Facebook group

Buy Nothing groups foster a sense of community through reusing and sharing resources, such as the plants and seeds that the Coop Concept used.

Ultimately, the environment is something worth fighting for, so that everyone can enjoy it and be able to live on the planet without humans fighting over resources. In the end, everyone lives on Earth, and so everyone should play a part in protecting and caring for the environment.

After we received donations, our youth create their own cards to thank those who donated plants and materials. We had to find creative activities during poor air quality days, extreme heat waves and torrential down pours. There is not a better way to pass time indoors then to be a little creative with the ways you can thank your community and showcase your individual art skills!

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