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Cooking with Garden Produce, Garden Journaling, Crafting with Garden Materials, and Community Involvement

In the summer of 2024, the Coop Concept will be doing a variety of activities with the youth to help them be more connected to the environment.

Youth need to eat healthy, because they are still growing. An easy way to help the youth have more nutrition in their lives is to cook with fresh garden produce. To do this, one needs a garden, and cooking skills. Involving kids in something makes them more engaged and interested. The way to do this is by having youth slice, wash, and cook the produce themselves. For example, there could be a harvesting day, then a basic cooking activity for the kids to learn about proper meal preparation, and such. It is important to raise awareness about well-balanced nutrition and eating healthy foods because it pays off in terms of longevity.

Another activity that The Coop Concept will do with the youth in the summer of 2024 is garden journaling. Garden journaling is simple, it is recording info about one’s garden! This helps teach the concept of delayed gratification, as one gets to see their garden’s growth over time. Gardening Know-How says, “Keeping a garden journal gives you a written record of your garden layouts, plans, successes, and failures, and you'll learn about your plants and soil as you go.” Journaling by itself is a great hobby to have as well, as it lets one set free any thoughts that might be plaguing them.

Crafting with garden materials helps spark children’s innate creativity. They can create nearly anything, from nature-inspired art, to painted rocks! Also, youth can learn about the DIY ethic, and become inspired to create other things as well. Crafting with garden materials can be a rewarding and fun experience to learn more about one’s own innate creativity.

Community involvement is another important activity that The Coop Concept will do with youth in 2024. Community involvement creates a bond between people, and it emphasizes the importance of giving back. There might be a community garden that the youth could help with, or volunteer opportunities. There are many community involvement ideas that could be possible for the Coop Concept in 2024.

In the end, all of these activities will help youth and The Coop Concept become more engaged in environmental education as well as becoming more engaged in their community.

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