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The Bigger Vision

Close your eyes and envision with us a future that helps young adults starting as seedlings themselves and transform into beautiful pollinators all over our region.  We see this happening on 15+ acers of land, connected to community and incorporating all of our projects in a cohesive execution to enrich the lives of young people and those who mentor them.


The COOP Concept Founders envision an environment where community organizations can coexist among shared office space and land use. By providing communal environments, we build deeper connections with each other, encourage collaboration, and foster collective stewardship of the land.  At our core, we know and trust that it takes many people to impact the lives of youth. 

Our woodworking shop will become a meeting space for education,  programming, and skill development. Creators will also come together to showcase their unique talents, independently or as a collective to share their skills with the Kingston community.  

We see a future with a small market of curated handmade goods, produce and The COOP merchandise to continue to provide revenue that will be reinvested into our space for the youth we work with.  We envision shared ownership with those who work hard in the entrepreneurship courses and utilize the spaces throughout the land to create and showcase their talents. 

Our land is focused on community collaborations in a wooded environment with access to a large body of water to provide education and safety in all aspects of environmental protection.   Whether it's activities like swimming and boating, or education around important topics like pollution, we emphasize the importance of water safety as a part of land stewardship.

Community organizations who partner with us in stewarding our land have unique opportunities to facilitate individualized programming.  As we grow and expand our programming, we will develop our education and training around the needs of our youth and community.

As we continue to grow, our programming will too!  We foster connections to ensure our young people have a safe place to work, create, and eventually live (if housing insecurity is a concern).  Programming is geared towards those who are 14+ with the expectation of expansion as our cohorts evolve.  Our environment is geared to enrich the lives of those 14-24.

The Hudson Valley
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