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Adaptive Design and The Coop Concept

This summer, The Coop Concept will be doing a partnership with a local Hudson Valley company called Adaptive Design! Adaptive Design is a company that specializes in designing adaptive equipment made entirely from cardboard, among other materials.

Their mission is “Diversity Creates Accessibility”. Their adaptive equipment improves quality of life for people with disabilities. Additionally, each piece of equipment is completely custom made to fit whatever one needs. Also, if one requests a piece of equipment to be made for them, it is created free of charge. The youth that will be working at the Coop Concept this summer will be taking a worksite tour. This means opening their imagination to creative business models, learning from local entrepreneurs, the mission of the company and seeing how others work collaboratively in a space. The coolest part about this worksite tour, is that they will also get to build with the Adaptive Design team and really learn what it's like to help someone in need.

Adaptive equipment could be anything from a tray table to a even a custom chair. Their whole 2023-24 catalog is as follows: wheelchair and arm chair trays, standers, footrests/risers, seat inserts, slant boards, weighted boxes, rockers, easels, privacy screens, and dining table risers. They have a large variety of options to choose from, and they do customizations as well!

When our Co-Founder, Tina Dierna met with staff, she originally went to learn about opportunities for her high school students, volunteer opportunities and to learn how to get her hands on a stool to help her with her back posture and pain. She had no idea it would lead to an opportunity to share with even more youth this summer in an inspiring way that ties directly into both organizations missions!

The Coop Concept is excited to be working with Adaptive Design this upcoming summer!

The company has their website here, as well as their 2023-24 catalog.

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