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The GREAT Outdoors

The benefits of being outside are immense. Just looking at pictures of trees and landscapes can lower stress and make one have a better mood. Nature is very beautiful, and it is important that teens have access to it. The physical aspect of nature also contributes a lot, making sure that teens have access to outdoor activities can improve life expectancy, and create healthy habits.

Mindfulness is quite important, as it allows teens to manage stressors in their lives. It allows teens to explore their inner world, and not focus so much on external things. The combination of mindfulness along with nature allows teens to truly connect with nature, and be more present in their lives. Ever-present screens and technology are used in day-to-day life, and getting into nature allows teens to put away the screens and be more creative and imaginative. When people are outdoors, not only does their mood improve, but their circadian rhythm resets.

Being social outside allows teens to manage their emotions and mental health as well as talk to others and form connections. Having friends to talk to is invaluable, as they provide great sources of support and encouragement when things get tough. Additionally, teamwork and collaboration is also essential for teens to learn to work together on a project, like building garden beds or picnic tables.

Camping or hiking, or other similar activities can interest teens in being and staying active. Also, these events teach teens valuable life skills, such as navigation, and resilience when things go awry. The benefits of the outdoors are numerous, and there are multiple ways to make being in nature enjoyable.

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