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Connection and the Power of Sharing

Connection is also quite valuable, as how would one create a sense of community without sharing their story? Vulnerability is crucial to understanding others. One must be vulnerable, and in turn, let others be vulnerable as well.

Through doing group projects, like building picnic tables and taking apart garden beds, the kids at The Coop Concept learned teamwork, as well as shared learning experiences. Siobhan says, "The first couple of days we sat in a circle and played games to get to know each other better." Games are a very useful tool to get to know people better. True colors reveal themselves when people play games.

Another great way to connect is simply by talking. Siobhan also says, "At the end of the day, we would make another circle and talk about our day. After the first couple of days, we got to go outside and start taking apart the garden beds." Talking is the most direct way to connect and share ideas and stories. Connection is created through shared experiences, and experiences shape us.

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